May 30, 2024


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Sadr calls for strengthening US-Canada cooperation

Mexico City /

Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Victor Villalobos, LHe called on the United States and Canada to strengthen scientific exchanges in agriculture and fisheries, As well as strengthening regional and international technical cooperation mechanisms for the benefit of manufacturers in the three countries.

By participating in the leaders’ dialogue: New frontiers of science: North American agriculture is moving towards more sustainable global food systems In Des Moines, Iowa, the Mexican official reiterated the importance of adopting science and technology to increase agricultural productivity. Mitigate climate change and integrate rural communities into a sustainable value-added chain.

With US Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Wilsack and Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Food Mary Claude Bibio The Mexican official stressed that most health threats come without prior noticeAnd regional contingency planning plays a key role in protecting North America’s agriculture and natural resources.

“In addition to recognizing the diversity and differences in economic and social conditions between our countries, strategic alliances and shared solutions are needed (…)

Mexico, the United States and Canada have made genuine cooperation efforts Based on mutual trust and common scientific understanding, it has helped to eradicate pests and diseases and make the region a safer and more reliable place, ”he said.

In the face of climate change, soil erosion, water pollution and loss of biodiversity, farmers, ranchers and fishermen around the world are working every day to create agricultural innovations that must be pushed to the border and technology must cross borders, the agricultural leader stressed. Produce more nutritious food, More efficient equipment and less soil, water and above all, less biodiversity loss.

“The change in farming and food systems should be farmer-based. That is why we must learn to listen to their needs and accept the challenge that science brings to solve their problems effectively. ”

He noted that in a strategic alliance with the International Center for Maize and Wheat Development (CIMMYT), Mexico is working on a program called “Crops for Mexico” to increase agricultural production and adopt the latest technologies in the country’s countryside.

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