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Simeronas put in a great game but fell on penalties against Canada – Ovation – 01/25/2022

The Uruguay hockey team On the grass he showed the most positive face of his game. He fought to the end with a very tough opponent Canada Showed different things to those seen in previous duels. La Celeste drew 1-1, but lost 3-0 on an Australian penalty and bid farewell to one of the three places awarded. Pan American Cup To him The world Must play in Spain and the Netherlands.

Beyond the end LAs Simironas They showed excellent ability and will now move up to fifth in the competition. In that case, they will face the loser in the fight between Chile and Trinidad and Tobago, which will be played from 18:30.

Canada got used to scoring, it came, but won 14-0 against Peru in the opening game and was completely different from the 13-0 win over Trinidad and Tobago.

Thanks to Elise Wong, Canada opened the scoring at 9 ‘a minute later Teresa Vienna, The captain and the best player of the game, was able to level the match. Thus the first half ended in the second quarter where Uruguay played a better role and was in favor.

The second half started like that. Equal to. The pale blue began to catch the ball using Canada’s long passes, but it did not move in defense. Zimmeronas was able to take the lead after a penalty corner, but the goal did not come.

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At the start of the last 15’s, Uruguay were able to dominate, having the opportunity to score after repeated penalty corners in the first five minutes, but said there was no defense. From then on Canada had the opportunity to advance themselves, but Uruguay’s goal stood firm. There were still five minutes left, and both players looked tired and tried to go for Australian penalties the rest of the time.

It was like that. Uruguay started and the first game ended outside. Canada’s first attempt deserves a penalty from those inside the area after the goalkeeper’s mistake, they converted the shooter and carried it out. Canada will play Argentina in the semi-finals as the round ends 3-0.

Remember that Pan American Cup The joint headquarters, which is hosted by Spain and the Netherlands, has three allocations for the World Cup, which will take place next July.

At the end of the match, Zimmeronas, who lost 6-0 to Argentina, then went on to play 4-0 against Chile in the Odyssey.