April 22, 2024


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Technology of Chilean descent -Our presence in our country- was able to raise US $ 8 million in capital in its latest investment round held last week.

Thanks to the contributions of Chilean and North American investors, this financial injection will help confirm their presence in Latin America. Expansion to Brazil and the United States, Highlights of Alvaro Echeverria, CEO of Día1.

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In addition to Chile and Peru, SimpliRoute is available in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay.

In our country, which has been operating since 2019, it already operates with 80 companies between large and SMEs.. Regionally, it has about 850 companies.

Its service involves providing its customers with logistics ‘software’ to enhance their deliveries, which are highly valued in campaigns such as Christmas by companies in the fields of ‘retail’, healthcare, mass consumption, collection, and ‘couriers’. – Business, among other things.

“Our technology is ‘in-house’, allowing companies of all sizes to improve their routes, for example, using up to 32% of the mileage traveled, fuel and more than 80% of the time spent on road preparation, and this technology reduces the number of vehicles by up to 10%.” Echevarría mentions.

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Regional development

Except for Brazil and the United States The SimpliRoute map also includes your entry into Canada.

Entering Brazil would allow them to expand their presence as far as the Atlantic Ocean. As for the United States, they plan to grow from their ‘hub’ in Florida to the east coast and west, explains the leader of SimpliRoute to this sub.

Last mile service is highly valued by companies in the logistics industry, especially in campaigns such as End of the Year.
Last mile service is highly valued by companies in the logistics industry, especially in campaigns such as End of the Year.

More capital injection

This is the second year in a row that the technology company has been able to raise funds, Echevarría notes.

What has been achieved in 2021, in addition, allows them It plans to raise US $ 50 million and US $ 80 million by the middle of next year, what will be its ‘Series B’, I.e., a new round of investment.

“All of this will allow us to grow our site for the next seven to 10 years and guarantee access to strategic technological solutions,” he said. Says the CEO of the technology company.

Bonus track: High value of last mile in the field of logistics

Improving product distribution during periods of e-commerce boom is a decisive factor for campaigns such as Christmas and year-end holidays.

In Peru, there has been significant improvement in this service, also known as the ‘last mile’ service, especially with regard to the onset of the epidemic. However, improvements are still needed.

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