April 24, 2024


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Smart office betting; Lloyds’ target is the United States and Canada

Mexican Lloyd’s aims to deliver its products to smart homes in the US and Canada by 2020, however, the epidemic has forced them to change their plans.

Karen Kurtz, Lloyd’s Business Director, commented that the brand has been able to enter Latin America because it already has warehouses in Panama and distributes goods through its partner Radioshack.

“Canada and the United States had to stop, which is why we went back to CES 2022 to restart the business relationship,” he explained in an interview with Excelsior.

Lloyds has already taken the first steps to start operating in these markets, for example by opening an office in Canada responsible for logistics operations, merchandising and sales through online channels.

While in the United States, they opened a warehouse that already had supplies, and they began selling them through Amazon.

Kurtz said it was important to expand Lloyd’s presence in other markets to take advantage of the growth of the smart home market.

“Due to the epidemic, people stayed at home and started looking for ways to upgrade their homes, all sorts of things related to smart homes were booming,” he stressed.

Proof of this is that in Mexico alone, Lloyd’s sold its inventory for five-month smart light bulbs at El Buen Fin in three days, while the online channel tripled its sales in 2021.

The latter also shows how consumers have changed, initially people were looking for products like IP cameras for their homes, now they are focusing on devices like smart lights because they are easy to implement and it is a fashionable thing.

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Lloyd also plans to introduce smart home lighting solutions.

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