April 17, 2024


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Spain wants to finish fifth in Dubai after the win against Canada

The Spanish women’s rugby team will battle it out for fifth place in the second leg of the World Series in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) on Saturday, after losing on Friday to Australia (0-40) and Russia (17-38). And their win against Canada (12-10).

Last week’s winners, the Australians, gave the Pedro de Mathias-led side no choice in the introduction, with two doubles appearances from Faith Nathan and Charlotte Coslik and two more trials from Zacchaeus Whitfeld and Dominic du Toid (0-40).

Thanks to the brands of Taria Noritsina, Pizza Kamitova and Christina Ceridina, the match against Russia went 0-1 with a score of 0-19. .

Maria Garcia Gala entered the opposing test zone twice, and Amalia Arcudo ended the match with a new score, ending 17-38, as the Russians repeatedly planted the Oval by offenders Kamidova and Ceridina and Victoria M.

Closed by a fight against Canada on Friday, Maria Garcia started Spain on the right foot through the center of the gala, very good at sneaking between two rival defenders and maintaining a fifty-meter speed to give a pose between sticks.

In the second half the North Americans locked Spain in and came back with two unchanged attempts by Breen Nicholas and Olivia de Gouror, but the ‘Lions’ combined an attack from their own zone twenty-two until Lea Ducher overcame her in the final minute. Sowed the victory mark with the pair and the clock at zero (12-10).

On Saturday, Spain will close the group stage with the closest match against Brazil, which will determine which qualifier the Emirati tour will end in: a fight for fifth place if they win or a fight for seventh place if they are south. The Americans won.

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