July 25, 2024


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Tamoulibekos are employed abroad to process seafood

Tamoulibekos are employed abroad to process seafood

Tamoulipas /

The Labor Secretary at Tamoulipas has announced it will hire 25 employees to work in seafood processing companies across Canada.. They will provide their services for 9 months and wait to get permission to travel from the authorities in that country, joining others in activities outside the company.

Through the Mexico-Canada subdivision of the Labor Mobility Mechanism, which is operated by the National Employment Service in the state, the documents of job seekers were integrated, revealing their intention and availability to emigrate temporarily.

Of the 468 people already working in the United States, Canada and Germany, 25 have been added, with experience in fish and mollusk operations.S, and they live in the municipalities of Matamoros, Altamira and Tampico “, pointed out Miguel Villareal Ongay, Secretary of Labor.

La Renaissance, Unipeche, Royal Green, Leviere-Leviere, UMEK and Les Crustaces de Gaspe Ltee, based in the Canadian province of Quebec, took the group to work for 3 to 9 months.

The choice surprises them

Two of them revealed Both said it was their first experience abroad and they were happy and surprised to be selected, And they considered it a good job opportunity to help change their social and family status.

“I never left Mexico, I feel excited, I have 3 kids, I live in a small wooden house and I want to give my family a better life,” said Erica Viani Vargas.

Samuel Morales Diaz, who works at a shrimp processor in Tampico, encouraged people to improve themselves, look for opportunities and expect better work, saying, “My family was happy and everyone supported me.

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According to the official, employers were interested in the quality of Tamoulibas’ staff, and now the Canadian embassy is only there to process their H2A visa, allowing them to begin their work in March 2022.