June 23, 2024


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There is hope that Mario Gonzalez will win against Canada

The Goalkeeper of the national team From El Salvador, Mario Gonzalez, One of the key players on the team Hugo Perez In knockout matches. The goalkeeper regretted not winning previous matches domestically USA and Honduras But he promises that the team will look for three points in Toronto.

Going out and being successful will be very important. Will be It is difficult but not impossible. Competitors also play, but home games are more complicated as there is a chance to reclaim visiting pointsThe goalkeeper commented.

The team, led by Hugo Perez, will face one of the two-point contenders in the table like El Salvador, but Bayern Munich’s Alfonso Davis is not their star figure.

Canada is a team that attacks a lot and we have to be far behind to keep our goal to zero“, Said Mario.

It should be noted that some elements of the national team were touched in the last match against Honduras. One of the people who set the alarms, Legionnaire defender Eric Savaletta, was transferred to the filling area, however, Gonzalez defender confirmed that he was fine.

Eric is fine and we always know guys. At Davis ’expense, we focus on ourselvesSaid the national team goalkeeper.


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