July 15, 2024


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Tesla manufactures an industrial components factory in Canada

Tesla manufactures an industrial components factory in Canada

Tesla’s expansion plans require the production of 4680 (46 × 80) cells, but before that it is necessary to manufacture industrial equipment that makes it possible. Two years ago Tesla acquired battery maker Hibor Systems to manufacture its own cells. The company has integrated with the Tesla environment, just as they have done before Chroman Engineering Oh ATW Assembly & Test – Europe.

New Tesla facilities have been installed in the battery factories near Toronto, Markham, Ontario, Canada to make the machines you need a reality. It will benefit from Tesla’s first industrial facility in the North American country and Hibber’s experience. Not listed List of Tesla plants on their official website.

This was first announced on the social networking site Twitter by Mayor Frank Scorpiti, the manufacturer has not yet done so:

The 4860 cells are currently being manufactured at facilities in California, and will be manufactured later at Giga Berlin and Giga Austin, which are currently in the early stages of operation. The 4680 cells are five times more efficient than the 1865 and 2170 cells serviced by Panasonic. It is up front to solve the question of its overheating in some situations.

On this year’s Battery Day, Tesla Vice President Andrew Paclino said that Hyper and other companies will be integrated vertically into the company to make batteries faster and larger. Part of Tesla’s success lies in offering less to third parties, and if you need a particular company, you can buy it. Why complicate …

We will get more information about the religion facility when Tesla makes them official.

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