July 15, 2024


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Tetra Trust is Canada’s leading crypto policing startup

Tetra Trust is Canada’s leading crypto policing startup

  • Tetra Trust has become the first crypto exchange approved by the Canadian government to provide crypto policing services in the area.
  • On July 5, the company received a license from Canadian regulators to own digital assets.

Tetra Trust Fintech is a startup based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Advances from Alberta regulators to begin providing cryptocurrency policing services to Canadian customers. In addition, it makes it the first cryptocurrency defender in Canada.

We are pleased to launch the Tetra Foundation as Canada’s first qualified cryptocurrency asset protector, bringing the Canadian solution to market., Dijo Eric Richmond, CEO De Tetra Trust.

What is the Tetra Trust?

The crypto company was founded in 2019 and is supported by Coin Square, Coinbase Ventures and Mogo.

Tetra offers a solution to the last remaining issues that prevent the digital asset sector from being institutionally accepted: policing. “, It reads Official portal Of the company

In addition, The crypto company will have a license to hold digital assets from Canadian regulators on July 5. Since then, it has closed several financial institutions in the cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase Ventures, CoinSquare, Canadian Securities Exchange, Mogo and Arbana and Caldwell.

This is a reference point for institutional investors who are not yet involved in investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies not only within Canada but around the world.

Canada wants to open doors for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The licenses and green lights for the Tetra Foundation have come at a time when governments and regulators around the world are beginning to pull their strings to control the cryptocurrency ecosystem.Or it will undoubtedly create fear in investors who hold capital in cryptocurrencies or who plan to do so.

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However, this context of uncertainty does not seem to exist In Canada, Where The regulators are openly in favor of crypto.

Canada has become a hotspot for public companies related to cryptocurrencies. An example of this is the presence of Bitcoin ETFs and licensed cryptocurrencies. But, there was an urgent need for a regulated police provider in Canada, and we reached outSaid Eric Richmond, CEO of Tetra Trust and COO of Coinsquare.

According to the Tetra Trust Group, Canadian investors generally turned to custodial solutions developed in other countries, such as the United States, where Coinbase and Gemini, and even unrestricted Canadian protectors.

Canadian investors will want to invest in the domestic platform, which is also compliant with Canadian regulatory standards. Our services are safer than Gemini or Bitcoin “, Revealed its CEO.

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