March 1, 2024


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The best judge of the repechage, visits Costa Rica and Panama

The best judge of the repechage, visits Costa Rica and Panama

Canada passed us on to the Gold Cup, warning those from the North about their mischievous intentions that brought them to the Octagonal World Cup qualifying round.

Today, they are 9 points ahead of the Costa Rica national team, comfortably leading with 25 points.

In the “first leg” match, Cele went to Canada and greatly improved their weak Gold Cup performance against the hosts. Unfortunately, we lost the game under the supervision of goalkeeper Lionel Morera.

Now, tricolor gets Canada in another decisive game that does not like scores causing disaster.

Victory is urgent, but a draw will not be a bad deal because we will prevent Panama from escaping us from competing for the playoffs.

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I explain: Panama with 17 points gets Honduras and the logic signifies the victory of the canal, which raises them to 20 units.

Of course, if Costa Rica beats Canada, it will only maintain a distance of one point below the Canaleros, but, realizing that Canadian football today is much higher than ours and honestly need to write it, it is being offered as a favorite in La Zoya. If you pinch a draw at home, it will be three points lower than Panama, and this difference will disappear on the following date.

The logic is that Panama will go to the United States and it will lose, so it came to a standstill at 20 points, while the tricolor with 17 will go to El Salvador and face a depressed team that threatens not to be shown for their last games. Octagonal

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Costa Rica won, capturing Panama with 20 points.

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The playoffs are to be defined on the last date, Canada is heading to Panama and can help us and get points from the canal boats, while Costa Rica gets to the USA in La Sabana.

Of course, first and foremost we have to beat Canada. I hope that critical success will be achieved, but internally I analyze it as more complex.

The national team has won at least a few major games: 1-0 against Jamaica; 1-0 for Panama; Honduras 2-1, plain draw with Mexico, so we face another high voltage game, of course the crowd that bites our nails, gnashes and replenishes the colossus of La Sabana, is real real. Madrid fans push Luis Fernando Suarez’s allegations against PSG to victory.

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