July 15, 2024


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The Costa Rica team escaped lunch attempts from Canada and Panama

The Costa Rica team escaped lunch attempts from Canada and Panama

From any angle, a draw between Costa Rica and Honduras was bad news, but the significance of what could have been a disaster for DiCos was heightened by other decisions during the eighth day of the Concacaf tie towards Qatar 2022.

There were unbeaten blows at the National Stadium, although they did not take place at the National Stadium and they went straight into the body and the chances of survival: before Canada beat Mexico 2-1 and beat the opening goal against Panama. They beat El Salvador 2-1 at home.

Both victories forced the Costa Ricans to leave by three points against the Catracos, otherwise the distance would be too great. But a painful goal in the 94th minute put them five points away from the Canalians and seven points from the Canadians. The big and noticeable difference is that the North American team is now the leader.

Canada showed that their evolution was very serious: they took advantage of the US draw (1-1) against Jamaica and eliminated the Aztecs in their field. Thus, he made things clear because he is not only undefeated, but he is on the verge of categorizing the coveted World Championship.

In stark contrast to Honduras, the bottom of the table with three points sank more than ever and the defeat on Costa Rican soil was a blow to their aspirations. The situation does not look very different for El Salvador, which has six units.

The Costa Rica playoff candle continues to burn because this time Panama is occupied, or why not, think of other setbacks in Mexico, with the same points as the Calvallists (14), 15 for the United States.

Tonight was fitting for the next day with results: it will be the best chance the Panama and Costa Rica teams will face at the national ground on January 27th. A win for Sele would put it five more days ahead and two points below the Chanel team in the fight. Also, Jamaica, which receives Mexico, and El Salvador, which is visiting the United States, are likely to lose even more space.

In overcoming this challenge, duty Sele It will be the same: against Mexico (1-0 defeat) and against Jamaica (1-1) back out of the remaining points in their region. There is no one to save her from that responsibility.

For this, he must win at least three points in his last three remaining tours against Mexico, Jamaica and El Salvador. It could be a win in one of those matches or a three-draw. The important thing for Luis Fernando Suarez and company is to fight with one of those combinations.

The visit to El Salvador seems like the perfect opportunity for a team that has won only one of five home games: it drew with the United States, drew with Honduras, drew with Jamaica, lost to Mexico and beat Panama. Unfortunately for Costa Rica, his visit to Cascatlan will take place on the final day of the tie, when everything can be punished.

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On top of that, of course, he has to win his own games against Panama, Canada and the United States.