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Memo Ocho set a negative record against Canada, you know what?

Memo Ocho set a negative record against Canada, you know what?

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Failures திரி Against United States And Canada Tarnished the name of Guillermo Ochoa. The So much for four They set the goal on November FIFA United States As the tricolor goalkeeper with the most goals in the World Cup qualifying round.

The Guadalajara goalkeeper has been disputed 26 qualifying matchesSince his acquaintance with El Tri Mayer in 2005, he has received in it 23 goals, An image that makes him the most attacked in history.

George Campos He is the second highest goal scorer against Guillermo Ochoa with 20 goals in the same 23 games against Die El Tri. The Brady The United States 1994, France 1998 and Korea Japan 2002 participated in the worldwide eliminators.

Top 3 covered by former goalkeeper Oswaldo Sanchez With 19 goals in 26 elimination matches. Former goalscorer Atlas, USA, Chivas and Santos wore green jerseys to the World Cups in Japan in 2002, Germany in 2006 and South Africa in 2010.

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Memo Ochoa is the most attacked in the world

In the 2016-17 season, the memo was reached Granada He set a world record in Spanish football and in just two months. Match the youth team of eagles 23 goals In the first eight games, the average 2.8 goals per game; Worst record in all leagues on the planet.

At the end of the season, where Good Came to the second division of Spain, got the memo 82 goals Overall, it established him as the highest scoring goalkeeper in a La Liga season in history.

Until before coming Ochoa Al Granada Ignacio Aispura, the former Salamanca goalkeeper who scored 78 goals in the 1995-96 season, had a negative mark.

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