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Canada or Mexico?  Marcelo Flores already knows who he wants to play for in 2022 Qatar

Canada or Mexico? Marcelo Flores already knows who he wants to play for in 2022 Qatar

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Before the fight between Canada and Mexico Concacaf qualification for Qatar World Cup 2022, A lot of talk about a topic, Marcelo Flores. The young footballer who plays in it Arsenal The Premier League is preferred by both teams, and he has already made it clear that he wants to play with the trio.

The player is also very popular not in the football world but also on Twitch. He is streaming here and there and gets thousands of viewers. His secret on how to get viewers on twitch is definitely playing for the big Premier League team but his playing skills also help.

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In an interview with TUDN, he acknowledged that the Mexican promise was his dream of reaching the big Aztec team, although he acknowledged that he lived by the processes of inferiority, and was happy with it.

“My dream is to achieve that Senior selection. For me I’m on my way to sub20, I’m happy with whatever comes, I’m ready if they call me, but I’m sub now, I’m happy. This is not impossible (ia Qatar 2022), We are improving every day and we are in a good team with the best technicians, “said the former champion footballer. திரி On top of that Revelation file.

Although his plans include playing with him Tricolor, Marcelo Florus Did not deny the authority to play with the team Canada or the UK, Because it has two nations. In addition, he acknowledged that the situation of the lower species in Mexico and Europe was very similar.

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“I do not know, now I live in this time, but I’m open to all three teams, but this time I’m fine. Mexico “.

Marcelo Flores placeholder image Not yet acquainted with the first team of Arsenal; However, he already has a professional contract and he is constantly thinking Michael Arteta, Who is the team’s technical expert Premier League.

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