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The Elden Ring features a prominent pit of Dark Souls, transmitted by blood

The Elden Ring features a prominent pit of Dark Souls, transmitted by blood

A group of three bald men, all very cunning in appearance.

picture: From software wiki/Demon Souls wiki/Bloodborne Wiki/Dark Souls Wiki/Kotaku

elden ring It might seem like a lot Evil spirits But, as far as we know now, it’s totally its own thing in terms of narrative and lore. This does not mean, however, that there are no legitimate links between the latest RPG from the program and previous games like demon soulsAnd the blood borneeven armored core.

I don’t really know what you’re doing here if you’re trying to avoid spoilers, but this is your last chance to close this tab or click a link to one KotakuOther great stories if you don’t want to see them elden ring Content ahead of its launch on February 25.

Image of the article titled One Annoying NPC Connects Elden Ring to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Armored Core

As part of the Red Bull-branded recent preview event that brought several Twitch VIPs to the demo elden ring Prior to its release, it was revealed that a character called Patches will appear in the upcoming game. Spanish player ChusoMMontero came face-to-face with Patches during his session, apparently calling the NPC to his disdain after looting a treasure chest.

Chuso snapped quickly, but not before providing us with these excellent picks of Patches in action.

Patches should be a familiar face to longtime fans of software history, especially when it comes to defining the type of company souls And the soulsLike games. While it first appeared in 2008 Armored core: to respond as Good Luck CorrectionUnidentified competitor pilot With a passion to snipe you out of the air rather than meet you head-on, most people got their first taste of this character’s unique brand of tomfoolery the following year courtesy of demon souls.

very much like armored core appearance, hyena patches (As it is known in demon souls) is a cowardly and conniving non-playable character who twice leads you into compromising situations in the hope that you will die so that he can plunder your corpse. Either way, he apologizes for his actions once he escapes his traps. If you leave the patches live, it creates a shop in the game hub area.

While most people rejected the changes made to demon souls Aesthetics In its remake on PlayStation 5, developer Bluepoint Software is applauded for using the upgraded visuals to give Patches one of the most purvable faces you’ve ever seen in a video game. I’d be curious to see if more people killed it on the PS5 instead of the original PlayStation 3.

“Reliable” patches The next appeared in 2011 Evil spiritsIt presents itself to you in different locations depending on your progress in the game. Very similar to the demon soulsHe lures you with the promise of treasure, only to send you down cliffs and dark crevices. And if, like in demon soulsNot succumbing to the temptation to cut him where he stands, Patches becomes a merchant, selling his illicit spoils at Firelink Shrine.

My favorite Patches hijab is from 2015 blood borne. In the depths of that Lovecraftian adventure, you meet a character named spider spotswhich is basically the spots we’ve come to know and love with a creepy, spider-like body.

He first appears unseen behind closed doors early in the story, providing you with a key element to progress through the game, before his full picture is revealed in the Underworld Lecture Building.

Of course, what kind of shivers would you be if he didn’t kick you in a hole? Approaching a specific cliff is activated in the late Nightmare Frontier A short scene from a point of view that knocks you over the edge. These are the spots we know and tolerate!

Finally, 2016 Dark Souls 3 Marked as last seen by “Unbreakable” patches. Once again, he puts you through a series of trials and even steals the armor and identity of a lovable ally known as Siegward of Catarina, but his story comes to a fitting conclusion in a totally fun game. ring city expansion.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching souls Lorismith Fati Vidya’s video essay on Patches’ journey from a hateful parasite to a ruthless survivor.

As an aside, the patches may also contain isotopes in dark souls 2 And the Sekiro: Shadows die twice, although not with the same name. Previous mild-mannered pat He seems friendly when you first meet him, but later he becomes part of a quest line that includes a former partner who has been betrayed, while the latter Anayama the peddler It is considered a potential position due to his history as a former thief turned merchant. While these are not direct references to the real Patches, one could easily argue that he was meant to fulfill the same role.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, who many are credited with creating souls-like kind with his work on demon soulsAnd the Evil spiritsAnd the blood borneAnd the Sekiroclaimed during 2011 interview On the Japanese podcast No Shokutaku game That every game he makes will contain patches. Kidding or not, nice to see elden ring Keep up with this continuity. Dark Souls 3 It felt like a perfect farewell to the little idiot, but I look forward to seeing what role, if any, he plays in the story of this and future software projects to come.

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