July 15, 2024


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The selection finally gets good news and the whole team will travel to Canada

The selection finally gets good news and the whole team will travel to Canada

At a time when the national team is full of bad news, the positive news finally came this Wednesday Tricolor Yes, he will travel with the entire team for next Friday’s Elimination match (8:05 pm) against Canada.

Gerson Torres, Anthony Contreras and Aarón Suárez can obtain their visas and enter Canadian soil without problems. Only these three players were impractical on the delegation, and until the day of the trip members of the Costa Rican Football Federation (Fedef Football) received communications that everything was in order.

The 26 people invited, coaches and other staff will leave for Edmonton this Wednesday at 2pm and will reach their destination at 1am on Thursday, which is the longest and most complex journey in the octagon. Apart from this, the Sele He has to deal with low temperatures in the region, which can fluctuate from 4 to -2 degrees Celsius even on the day of the meeting.

The visa process began in advance and was implemented for all players invited by coach Luis Fernando Suarez. However, Torres, Suarez and Contreras joined at the last minute, which kept the federation running.

“They were not included in the first call, so it was not possible to predict, but the Costa Rican government also helped us a lot.

Although National Keeler Nawaz and Christian Kambova have been ruled out with injuries, at least most of their chances of qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 have not been largely fatal in the fight.

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Yes really, Covering the absence of Nawaz is one of the most complex challenges for a team that relies heavily on the PSG goalkeeper., Thanks to him five of the six units were added to the World Cup track.

After six games (fifth place) the national team is in a difficult situation and cannot allow the Canadians to move further (third with 10 points).