June 23, 2024


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Selected they deal with a more complex competitor than Canada, the United States and Mexico

Skepticism, negative comments, criticisms and lack of faith or confidence in them; All of this comes from Costa Rica’s own fans, and this is what those selected for the National in the octagonal title for the Qatar 2022 World Cup have to deal with at the most critical moment.

The players themselves acknowledge that the adverse environment is more complex than that of Canada, the United States or Mexico. However, they acknowledge that everything is made up of bad results and that the only way to defeat this opponent is to have a very different picture on the court.

“People believe in the results. In the end, what we prioritize is that there is a good atmosphere in the team, and that’s good. “Even though they know the attendance is complicated, they know we can do it better,” said Celso Borges.

To deal with such a turbulent situation off the field, footballers seek the help of a psychologist. Tricolor And the message from the training staff is clear: Ignore social networks, avoid negativity and focus only on tactics and training.

Likewise, they are well aware that many setbacks in the national team have created a very unfavorable climate and no matter how much mental work they do, they need good news to gain credibility. The fight against Canada this Friday (8:05 pm) will be a break point if the exit or further sink in a tie that only adds six points on six dates.

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“We have an integrated team and I hope the bad vibes here do not affect us, on the contrary, it unites us more. Coaches always talk to us about social networks. We do not know if what they are throwing at us is bad vibes, but everything I see is negative. However, I do not give importance to it, it is up to each person.

Sele was not only affected by what was happening in court, but also the resignations of Manfred Ugalde and Giancarlo González, injuries and even. Rumors of internal conflicts between Keylor Navas and Ronald Matarrita They must be destroyed by the noise they make.

In the face of a visit to Canadian soil and getting to Honduras (next Tuesday, 7:05 pm), the lack of confidence from the majority of followers can feel tense and different pressure.

“First we convince ourselves. Rhino also doesn’t seem to be an invincible team. They have a positive moment, we are not what we wanted, but beyond that, I hope history weighs and we can get three points. It will be a tough game to the death, but many of our players are used to it, ”concluded Kendall Woston.

At least Sele more casualties and no less than Friday’s pledge Gerson Torres, Anthony Contreras and Aarón Suárez received visas at the last minute.