July 25, 2024


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They stop playing Mexico vs.  Canada for discriminatory crying

They stop playing Mexico vs. Canada for discriminatory crying

At the end of regular time, the fans in the semifinals began to express homosexuality and used the first stage of the whistle protocol

The match between Mexico and Canada was stopped at 87 for five minutes, with the permission of goalkeeper Maxim Grepo as he heard a gay scream. Jamaican whistleblower Daniel Parchment chose to implement the anti-discrimination protocol.

A match similar to the semifinals of Gold Cup Paused for five minutes, it was scheduled when the anti-discrimination protocol was implemented ConcacafWith FIFA and FMF.

Due to tolerance Homosexual scream, It was agreed that the first shout would attract public attention, the second game would be stopped for five minutes, the third game could be stopped, and the table would determine which team would get points.

When Gold Cup, Voiced in the group stage and now against the semifinals Canada. In the pre-deletion phase, Concacaf And considered the possibility of competition between the FMF Mexico And Guatemala will be played behind closed doors.

Mexican Football Federation and Concacaf They agreed to announce before the match that screaming fans would be kicked out of the stadium without a refund.

The FMF has proposed various campaigns to end the crying, but they have not been successful. For now, the Tricolor He has endorsed two games without spectators, and for the same action, he has to pay the tie.