April 22, 2024


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She received the Colombian Nurse Award in Canada for her assistance to immigrants

The Colombian nurse was awarded in Canada for her work on immigration during epidemics. Photo: Universidad de la Sabana

Johanna Puerto Giraldo is a graduate of the Universidad de la Sapna in Sandia, Sinea. Now, she has been awarded for her contribution to the support of Spanish-speaking immigrant nurses and nurses working as a medical nurse at a public health center in the municipality of Moscow out tines in Quebec.

This was reported on July 22 by the Center for Integrated Health and Social Services in the East of Montreux through their social networks. Facing her recognition, the Colombian was honored and revealed that it was a way to continue cooperating with her colleagues abroad.

“I’m so pleased to be recognized! This award encourages me to continue to support nurses who want to immigrate to Quebec and at the same time help the health network. The woman said, according to the organization she works for.

Johanna Podero with a diploma from the Quebec government.  Photo: Facebook
Johanna Podero with a diploma from the Quebec government. Photo: Facebook

At the moment, the woman, who has been in North America for eight years, is a key part of Quebec’s commissions as a partner in special equality programs for nurses trained abroad. The woman has a busy Facebook page that aims to invite Colombians and other foreigners to go to Canada and train in other countries.

Her story, now internationally famous, began in 2003 when she studied nursing at a university in Xia. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Navarre in Spain with a degree in child care and childbirth. Later, she returned to her alma mater to pursue a master’s degree in nursing sciences.

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Now, the woman lives in Canada, has been a registered nurse for eight years and has been doing her job with excellent quality. Through his life story, Podero is now a mentor to many Colombians and other Latin Americans in their plans for permanent residency in the country.

On his social networks, he makes live conversations to answer questions, responds to announcements and calls from the Quebec government, and publishes motivational videos to encourage his comrades on trips. In addition, she was a speaker and invited to testify to her success by nursing organizations in many countries in Latin America and Europe.

On several occasions, she also mentioned the improvement in her quality of life by moving to Canada with her husband and father of two children, Divin Pace.

“We lived in the bustling city of Bogot. Now it’s five minutes from home to work in Saint-Hyacinte. That’s the standard of living.” Commented on Radio Canada International in 2018.

Regarding the recognition, in a conversation with Notice Caracol, the woman described the situation in which she was awarded. “I received this recognition at an award presented by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration in Canada, which recognizes Hispanic women who are well integrated in this country and I received the award in the professional category.” This Thursday, the health expert said.

Also, he said about the most important point of the epidemic in the country where he lives. “The highest number of elderly people in our homes, the high number of deaths from Govt. Indian.

However, he commented that the situation has improved with the progress of the vaccine, which already covers 50% of the population with a complete plan.

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“In total, the number of cases in Canada is one and a half million cases and 25 thousand deaths. If we buy it with the world, it’s really a very low figure. In fact, we closed the borders this time. They insist that they follow self-defense measures.