July 24, 2024


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This is the lithium reserve that Mexico holds against the United States and Canada

This is the lithium reserve that Mexico holds against the United States and Canada

The Salar del Hombre is the main source of lithium at an altitude of about 4,000 meters, on the border of the provinces of Muerto, Cadamarca and Salta. (Photo: REUTERS / Enrique Marcarian)

Mexico is in the early stages of lithium exploitation and commercialization, and although the federal government does not specify in its plan to reform the mining law, how much potential is there in our countryThe reserve of this metal is approximately 243 million tons, said Senator Morena Jose Nero Cesspedes.Situation that promotes confidence about one of the largest deposits in the world.

Opposition senators argued this Tuesday, according to the data The potential reserves of the Mexican Geological Service are actually 443 million tons of clayBut they made it clear that the percentage of lithium ion could only be 0.87%.

Documents of The Mexican Congress points out that production expectations are not yet accurate figuresSo there are different opinions about the quantity that Mexico can consider in the international market for this mineral.

Countries with the largest reserves are estimated at Australia (62.8 million); Chile (8.6 million); Argentina (1.7 million); China (one million); USA (630 thousand); Canada (370 thousand); Brazil (95 thousand); And Portugal (60 thousand). So, if it is proven that the reserves highlighted by the defenders of the new law in this matter are in Mexico, there will be a small reserve for our neighbors in the North.

In addition, heCountries with the highest production per tonne of mineral: Australia (42 thousand); Chile (18 thousand); China (7,500); Argentina (6 thousand 400); Portugal (1,200); Namibian (500); Brazil (300); Canada (200); United States (s / d); And Zimbabwe (s / d). In this case, the current value of a ton of lithium is 78 thousand 66 dollars, according to the Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

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In Sonora, Municipalities with deposits of this mineral are Puerto Benasco, Pitcairn, Dubudama, El Saric, Agonci, and Nagosari.Huasabas, La Colorada, Suaquí Grande, Onavas, Soyopa, alamos, Nogales and Agua Prieta.

In Chihuahua Ascención, Aldama, Cusihuiriachi and Jiménez, in Kohuila they are located in Sierra Mozada and San Pedro.

A little further south Reserves are being explored in the municipalities of Jimenez del Deal, Fresnillo and Villa Hidalco in Zagatocas, Finally in San Luis Potosi they are found in Santo Domingo, Villa de Ramos, Salinas, Moktesuma and Villa de Guadeloupe.

File photo of a salt pond at the Albemarle lithium mine in Atacama, Chile (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado /)
File photo of a salt pond at the Albemarle lithium mine in Atacama, Chile (REUTERS / Ivan Alvarado /)

Although The Mining Act was implemented at great speed in the Mexican Congress Since last April 17th, lithium regulation has been a trend in various producing countries or in anticipation of deposits of this mineral. However, the bill is still pending improvement on the technical capacity for its extraction and commercialization.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Our country does not even have a state system capable of extracting They pointed to the case of Bolivia, which nationalized this natural resource in 2017, and a few years later had to resort to foreign companies using its lithium reserves.

At this point, Morena’s legislators insist that Mexico will soon create a state – owned company capable of exploring and improving the entire production chain of this metal, and ensuring that it is done efficiently and that the resources obtained benefit the nation.

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