May 28, 2024


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Today’s newspaper |  Purahéi Soul tours Mexico and Canada with its “Serenata Tour”

Today’s newspaper | Purahéi Soul tours Mexico and Canada with its “Serenata Tour”

Dozens of musicians, dancers and representatives of British sports and arts attended the grand concert in London on the third day of the “Platinum Jubilee”.

The organizers promised surprises and they did not disappoint. The video of the 96-year-old King Baddington having tea with a bear, in which he admits to carrying a jam sandwich in his inseparable bag with a mischievous smile, began the show with humor.

Beat the ceramic cups with a silver spoon to the tune of “We Will Rock You” and the King and the famous animated bear lead the famous Queen along with the American singer Adam Lambert.

Members of the royal family. Photo: Leon Neil / POOL / AFP

Guitarist Brian imitated his record when he played on the roof of the palace for the ‘Golden Jubilee’ in May 2002, this time ascending once again on his guitar in front of a statue of Queen Victoria.

About 22,000 people watched the show live, including 73-year-old Crown Prince Charles and his wife Camila. Prince William, 39, second in line, was accompanied by Catalina and her children George, 8, and Carlotta, 7.

The acclaimed, young and famous prince thanked his grandmother for protecting the environment, while his father recalled that the long-serving King and Queen were “making history” in British history.

The queen, was forced to rest

Among the lucky ones to receive tickets was David Hitchins, who was invited for his work on British public health, recognizing himself as “very excited to be here”.

Tens of thousands of other people followed him from central London to giant screens on concerts and on millions of televisions, meaning that the King himself, tired of the first day’s celebrations, had to “cancel his presence at various events of the Platinum Jubilee.”

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The queen, interested in horseback riding, resigned on Saturday to attend the 243rd edition of the country’s most prestigious race, the Derby, which took place in Epsom Towns, about 30 km from London.

Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Frank Austin / POOL / AFP

After standing on the balcony of the palace on Thursday and starting the four-day celebrations, she felt “some discomfort” which led to her cancellation of her presence at a large Thanksgiving meeting on Friday.

Isabel II’s health has been worrying since doctors ordered her to rest in October, and she spent the night in hospital undergoing medical “tests”. Since then, he has canceled his presence at several official functions and started walking with a cane.

Street parties

Saturday is also the first birthday of Lilliput, the youngest daughter of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, who traveled from California where they lived since leaving the British monarchy in 2020.

The couple reportedly dined with the royal family on Thursday, setting aside tensions over allegations of racism by an unnamed member of the monarchy. On Saturday, its members took to Twitter to wish the girl a “very happy first birthday”.

During the day, hundreds of thousands of people celebrated Elizabeth II’s 70th birthday with endless street feasts.

Several performances took place in front of Buckingham Palace. Niklas HALLE’N / AFP)

Reverend James Houston told AFP in Islington, a London suburb, “This is a great opportunity for all of us to come together after the last two years of the epidemic.”

“We will never see anything like this again because next time we will have a king, this is our last queen, I think she’s wonderful,” said neighbor Wendy Flynn.

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From Queen to Diana Rose

Pop and rock figures marched through the stages in front of the palace, from Duron Duron to Rod Stewart, passing through Elton John, who did it via video while on tour.

Countless people sent recorded messages, including Michael Obama, the former First Lady of the United States, declaring that she had “deep respect for sharing moments” with Elizabeth II.

Singer, Ed Sheeran. Photo: Hannah Mckay / POOL / AFP

The Queen’s emotional pictures or audio files are not lacking. The Americans who sang the song “Superwoman” dedicated to the King are not international artists like Alicia Keys and 78-year-old Diana Rose, who concluded her concert with her first live performance in the UK in 15 years.

Singer and pianist Alicia Keys was one of the artists who celebrated Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell / POOL / AFP

The jubilee celebrations, which began with a large military parade on Thursday, will conclude with another parade on Sunday, marking the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth II’s reign with yet another festival, music and dance. If the forecast rain of the day does not stop it, dozens of picnics and outdoor dining.