June 15, 2024


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Ukraine: Canada bans luxury goods trade with Russia

Ukraine: Canada bans luxury goods trade with Russia

The Government of Canada It said on Friday that it had imposed sanctions on fourteen Russian individuals, including several oligarchs, their family members and those close to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine war.

In a statement, the State Department pointed out that, in addition, Ottawa has banned trade in luxury goods with Moscow and described it as “nonsense”. Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory.

“As of today, the government Canada Prohibits the export of certain luxury goods RussiaIncluding textiles such as liquor, tobacco, sportswear and footwear, jewelry, kitchen utensils and art, ”the statement said.

Imports of goods from Russia, including liquor, seafood, fish and diamonds are also restricted. These trade transactions are approximately $ 75.7 million per year.

On Friday, the country’s deputy prime minister and finance minister, Christiaan Freeland, noted that G7 ministers were talking about strengthening sanctions against Russia and the oil and gas embargo.

More money in favor of Ukraine

Canada will provide $ 250 million in aid to Ukraine through accounts managed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The total financial assistance to Ukraine from the Canadian government is now $ 1.7 billion. “It is independent of military support, international aid and support for refugees and migrants,” he said.

Canada bans Putin from entering the country

Minister of Public Security CanadaMarco Mendicino announced last Tuesday that the North American country would block the entry of the Russian president. Vladimir PutinAnd to 1,000 citizens of the country The invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

“In the face of the brutal onslaught of the Putin regime, Canada stands with Ukraine. That is why we have banned key allies and supporters of the Putin regime from entering our country, including those responsible for this unprovoked aggression,” he said. Collected by the Canadian channel CBC News.

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In a statement from Canada Border Services Company (CBSA, its abbreviation in English), mentions the introduction of Mendicino changes. Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA, its abbreviation in English) to prevent permitted persons from entering the country.

Russia has also allowed Canadians to retaliate against the country’s sanctions, including by prime ministers, military officials and journalists.

(With information from the European Press)