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'Wheel of Fortune' contestants on 'The Feather in Your Hat' Moment

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestants on ‘The Feather in Your Hat’ Moment

Lipscombe, Chris Coleman and Laura Machado were the three “Wheel of Fortune” contestants that day, which you may have seen by now. In one round, Machado repeatedly missed the answer to the riddle, which was the phrase “Another feather in your hat.” She offered “hat”, “lap” and “map” to be the last word. (“The feather is moving,” noted host Pat Sajak.) As she continued to guess incorrectly, Lipscomb went bankrupt, while Coleman predicted two incorrect letters and then went bankrupt himself, before Lipscomb finally resolved the matter.

The agonizing sequence of events was perfectly captured and posted on Twitter, where the video was viewed millions of times. Viewers were simultaneously amazed and horrified, and tweets began pouring in: “The dumbest two minutes in the history of Wheel of Fortune.” “Wheel of fortune tonight. I can not. That tour was brutal.” “I’m screaming at the TV like I’m watching a football match.”

Lipscomb was soon bombarded with texts from It seems like everyone he’s ever met – he’s on the Academy Awards production team in Los Angeles, so the episode started airing on the East Coast hours before you could see it. “I didn’t think this would be talked about,” he said.

In fact, one of the moments these contestants made fun of while taping in December hit the rough weather in the Twitter district and turned into an internet laughingstock. And like many of the viral reality TV and game shows that preceded it in the internet age – Confusion between Homer and Homer Simpson On the ‘tipping point’ in the UK, every reunion From the funny “Danger!” Fail, or even Disreputable ‘Wheel’ moment when rider misspelled ‘Antique Cabinet Corner’ You have attracted an alarming amount of attention, both of the good and the sarcastic kind.

And Sagak posted, on Wednesday, a thread on Twitter, in which he indicated that what happened in the Tuesday episode was, in fact, a common occurrence. “It always hurts when nice people come into our show to play a game, make some money and maybe fulfill a dream for life, and then get laughed at online when they make a mistake or something happens,” he wrote.

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“Last night’s ‘feather in your hat’ puzzle was an example. Sitting at home, it seems incredible that they couldn’t solve the problem, but I knew in real time what was going on,” Sajak The topic continued. “The first attempt to solve it was ‘The Feather in Your Hat’ which, by the way, is the way a lot of people say it. So the three guys thought it was a good solution, and they were surprised when I said it was wrong.

“Imagine now that you are watching national television, and all of a sudden you throw a curve and start to worry about looking stupid, and if the feather wasn’t in your hat, where would it be? You start running away looking for alternatives rather than synonyms for the word ‘hat,’ Sajak continued.” Of course. , when it is solved, you want to crawl into a hole. I’ve been praised online for “keeping it together” and not making fun of players. The truth is, all I want to do is help get past them and convince them that these things happen even to smart people.”

In fact, after solving the “feather in your hat” puzzle, Sajak reassured the contestants: “Boy, these things happen. You get a word in your head, and then, of course, when you spot it, you go, ‘Eh! What were you thinking? You know?” Sausage said with a laugh. “Anyway, it’s okay. That round is over. But it was kind of fun in a perverted way.” Unfortunately, Sajak’s words came after the end of the viral video clip that circulated.

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Coleman, 30-year-old actor, project manager and community activist From Los Angeles, he was watching “Wheel of Fortune” with his grandmother who died in January, and he took part in the show in her honor. According to him, the “feather in your hat” incident was just one of a number of small incidents that occurred on the day the episode was taped – so between reshoots and other technical challenges, it’s hardly ever recorded as something that could become controversial. “Pat was talking to me and the other contestants throughout the tour, saying, ‘Guys, thank you so much for your patience. We apologize for what’s going on,'” Coleman said. (A representative of the show said Sajak declined to comment other than his tweets.)

Sure, Coleman said, the continued failure to guess the “cover” was “frustrating for us, because right now we’re under the spotlight, and we have five seconds to guess or solve the message.” But Sajak’s prank on air “lighted it up” and helped Coleman move forward mentally. He said that since taping in December, he hadn’t given much thought to his “feather in your hat” adventure until this week.

“The sad part about it is that most people don’t really realize that idioms aren’t necessarily something everyone knows. An idiom is something that is taught by culture,” Coleman said.

Like Coleman, Lipscombe used to watch the show with his grandmother, which inspired him to audition. He was surprised by the backlash the clip received – although it solved the mystery, Twitter users were making fun of everything from his suit to his mustache. But as someone who does stand-up comedy in addition to his day job, he’s found he enjoys the attention. He has been bravely replying to the tweets and trying to take his sudden internet fame step by step.

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He said, referring to another moment in the episode where he misjudged the non-existent phrase “pecan chestnut.” “I’m glad people can see my sense of humor.”

Several people sent him a tweet from “Frozen” actor Josh Gad (who just wrote “God help us all” above the clip), but Lipscomb actually didn’t mind. He said, “My niece loves Frozen, so she was definitely going to be wowed.”Olaf Make fun of your uncle! “

Coleman said that since Gad’s tweet began gaining attention, he’s seen social media posts calling himself Lipscombe and Machado “my mom or uneducated — or we shouldn’t be registered voters in America.”

Sometimes you hear someone say ‘Stupid blonde moment! ‘ Or just, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t get that,’ you know, laughing at it,” Coleman said. “But with today’s internet culture, people are not laughing about things anymore. Now we have people sending hate letters towards us in our DMs.”

Coleman and Lipscomb spoke via Instagram DM as they experienced this surreal week together; Lipscomb said he has also been in contact with Machado (who did not respond to a request for an interview). According to Lipscomb, she had “a wonderful sense of humor about it all.”

Lipscomb said the three are grateful for Sjak’s speaking out in their defence. “It was like my dad got involved in our game program to fight online bullies,” he said. “I think we all appreciate it so much because he took the time to write it. It meant so much.”

However, Coleman is looking to put his involuntary star days into the viral video behind him. He’s won a trip to St. Lucia on Will and plans to take his vacation there in September – never thinking about the “Feather in Your Hat” clip.