April 22, 2024


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“Wolfback”, the criminal alliance between the Sinaloa cartel and the Canadian mafia transformed the business

Cocaine smuggling is one of CDS’s major businesses in Canada (photo: file / @USBPChiefMIP)

Its members are motorcyclists, street gang members and Representatives of the Irish and Italian mafias. About “The Consortium”, although its members identify themselves Wolf Pack (Collection of wolves), one of the groups Fear of criminals in Canada It is now in public view following the publication of a book describing a part of it Communication with Mexican cartels Drug trafficking.

This gang is it Operates in major Canadian capitals such as Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Joaquin Sinaloa worked through the cartel to ensure that cocaine from the Andean region would continue to be delivered. “El Chapo” Guzman to Canada, an association Marked a change in the behavior of local mafias Until then it was controlled by Italian families such as’ Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra.

In the recently published book “Wolfpack”, Journalists Peter Edwards and Louise Nazera describe how this alliance changed the world of the drug trade Maple Leaf not only relocates American families such as Italian families and Hell Angels in the country, but also deploys and designs new technologies in sales models – through warehouses New type of drug traffickers.

Wolfpack uses Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver (marked on the map) as its main operational centers.  (Photo: Google MyMaps)
Wolfpack uses Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver (marked on the map) as its main operational centers. (Photo: Google MyMaps)

Technical mob

“They are united by the Internet, not by geography,” Edwards said Tuesday in an interview with a local broadcaster. CTVNews.ca. “Some are in Vancouver, some are in Montreal, some are in Toronto. It’s not a bar, they can move.”

Edwards said the mobility of the movement distinguished itself from organized crime groups that operated a few years ago and that they were limited to a single geographical center. “There is no room with the Wolfpack, only a shared feeling or need for the Internet.”

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The subtlety of the cartels surprised meEdwards said. “These are not drug users, they are not fools, they are smart people who know what they are doing … They have stopped cocaine so they can influence the market and sell to both sides… The epidemic did them no harm.

Part of the book explains why technology has played such an important role in the operation of the Wolfpack Pages of encrypted texts show how members planned to carry tons of cocaine, Reveal marital problems and who is on their block list.

The use of the Internet and encryption technologies is a fundamental part of how a criminal association operates.  (Photo: EFE / SASCHA STEINBACH / File)
The use of the Internet and cryptographic technologies is a fundamental part of how a criminal association operates. (Photo: EFE / SASCHA STEINBACH / file)

On the other hand, the members of the contract They left their usual low profile and stepped out of the shadows and began to notice as they appeared closer to the merchants. Than criminals.

“Before the emergence of this new generation of criminals, Mexican groups were managing customer relationships in various parts of Canada. Groups like Wolfpack bought and distributed drugs here (Canada) for their own profit. Once the Mexican cells came to settle in the country, they themselves were in charge of drug trafficking and distribution directly with the support of local criminal gangs. In a way, Wolfback was the gateway for Mexicans because it gave them influence over contacts, access, customers and other groups. Thus, they opened the way for immigration ”, Louis Nazareth said for his part, In an interview The crime of intelligence, An organization dedicated to research and analysis on security issues.

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According to the authors’ study, The Sinaloa cartel has a presence in eastern Canada It is mainly dedicated to the trafficking and trafficking of cocaine. Arellano Félix will be in effect due to their relationship with criminal groups in the West Canada like rural Alberta and Vancouver. When Los Jedas will be involved in immigration kidnapping and extortion Mexican people living in that country.

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