May 30, 2024


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Canada and the United States, France with confirmed organizations for the Qualifier 2023

Canada and the United States Confirmed their arrangements for the meeting this Saturday, to meet the first contestant in two opposite duels Uruguay To get a ticket France 2023.

The match will take place in Argentina from 2:30 pm on Saturday, with the second match taking place on Saturday 11 September. The winner of this series will play against the triangular winner Los Deros in Montevideo to compete for a place in the next World Cup.


Canada: 1. Djustice Sears-Duru, 2. Andrew Quattrin, 3. Matt Tierney, 4. Corey Thomas, 5. Conor Keys, L 6. Lucas Rumball (C), 7. Matt Heaton, 8. Siaki Vikilani, 9. Ross Pratt, 10. Peter Nelson, 11. Kinova Lloyd, 12. Spencer Jones, 13. Ben Lesage, 14. Brock Webster, 15. Cooper Coates.

Supplements: 16. Eric Howard, 17. Cole Keith, 18. Tyler Roland, 19. Mason Flash, 20. Michael Smith, 21. Rob Bowie, 22. Jason Higgins, 23. Patrick Barfry

United States: 1. Sans Wenglewski, 2. Dylan Fawcett, 3. Paul Mullen, 4. Nate Brackley, 5. Nick Civetta, 6. Hanko Germishuys, 7. Johnson Fonana-Schultz, 8. Cam Dolan, 9. Ruben de Haas, 10. Will Maggie, 11. Mika Cruz, 12. Price Campbell (C), 13. Marcel Broch, 14. Christian Dyer, 15. Luke Cardi

Supplements: 16. Capeli Pfeletti, 17. David Ainu, 18. Joe Duffy, 19. Chiosi Mahoney, 20. Andrew Guerrero, 21. Nate Oxburger, 22. Davida Lobetti, 23. AJ McGinty

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