July 25, 2024


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Honduras and Canada begin octagonal final with draw in Toronto

Honduras and Canada begin octagonal final with draw in Toronto

The Confederations Cup qualifiers began with an octagonal final Honduras and Canada They finished 1-1. Both goals came from the eleventh step path. First Alex Lopez for ‘H’ and Kyle Lauren for ‘Maple Leaf’.

There were first minutes to the maple leaf that created a lot of danger from the foot Alfonso DavisAttempts to pair up with Jonathan David twice were unsuccessful because there was a very intense ‘Booba’ Lopez behind him.

The first of the catacombs came up today with the title of Brian Moya selected Sexual intercourse Must be an attacker Of the Honduran team. However, it easily ended up in the hands of Porgen.

The caterpillars began to control the match and after 39 minutes found their reward accurately, b.Uganan ran over Ricoporto Rivas, and whistle blower Fernando Guerrero did not hesitate to score the maximum penalty., Alex Lopez exchanged for a goal.

Unfortunately, the celebration turned into a tense breakdown after ’10 ‘was injured, so Rommel Kyoto He had to take his place. The Canadian reaction came with Jonathan David, but ‘Pupa’ would avoid the balance.

Canadian domination and balance came

The first half of Honduras turned out to be disastrous in the second half. Coyotes decided to retreat his soldiers, and Hertmann’s men took advantage of this, and they all set out to find their connecting goal.

Fighting became complicated for the locals when a tough fight from Manor Figueroa appeared within the area. The referee did not hesitate to indicate the maximum penalty, which Kyle Lauren exchanged in the best possible way to equalize the fight.

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It will be another tough visit to Honduras when you have to go to the Cascattlan Stadium against El Salvador. Canada will also face a very difficult time when they have to go to Nashville To play against the United States