April 13, 2024


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Live: Honduras beat Canada by eight; The second half was already played

Toronto, Canada

Honduras national team Qatar beat Canada 1-0 in Toronto in the second half of the Confederations Cup qualifiers to begin the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup.

Eight nations are looking for three live tickets to the Qatar World Cup in 14 rounds, and the fourth best place will be played from continent to continent.

Minute by minute

Minute 50 Oh! Alfonso Davis overflows and picks up a cross deflected by Kervin Ariaga. Honduras saved.

Minute 49 Hoylet’s left hand leaving the course. Went in search of Canada tie.

Min 47 Uff! Romel Kyoto passes the ball to the side after a header from Canada’s Steven Vitoria.

Change in Canada at the start of the second half: Jr. Hoylett enters and Buchanan exits.

Second Half begins: Alex Lopez’s Honduras beat Canada 1-0 at the start of the octagon.

Half time: Honduras beat Canada 1-0 at the start of the octagon.

Minute 45 added three minutes.

Minute 45 San Pupa Lopez! Honduras goalkeeper misses two shots on Canada’s goal.

In the 43rd minute Laria pushes Edwin Rodriguez and there is a dispute between the two clubs.

Alex Lopez was injured in the 42nd minute after being sent off and was unable to continue. Rommel leaves Kyoto and enters.

Minute 40. Honduras Goal! Alex Lopez scored 1-0 against Canada. H is positive.

39th minute penalty in favor of Honduras, fine in favor of #Honduras! Andy Nazar is flat in the area.

Minute 35 Canada and Honduras were drawn 0-0 following the start of the corner.

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Brian Moya’s 33rd minute shot left the course.

Honduras were drawn 0-0 in the 30th minute against Canada at the start of the quarter.

In the 28th minute Canada goalkeeper Brian Moya came out just in time when he took the ball from a Canadian defender.

Minute 26 Ufff! Shot by Brian Moya and the ball approaching the goal, deflected by the Canadian defender. Near Honduras.

Stephen Eustacio and Honduras midfielder Kervin Ariaga foul in the 24th minute.

Minute 19 Ufff! Diego Rodriguez left footed shot from the front of the box and the Canadian goalkeeper throws himself to send the ball to the side. New attack from Honduras.

Minute 16 Side Diego Rodriguez takes a left foot shot and the ball goes to one side of the goal. Honduras is under attack.

Minute 15 Canada and Honduras are 0-0 at the start of the octagon towards the World Cup in Qatar.

Minute 12 Ufff! Another overflow from Alfonso Davis and now Pupa Lopez stretches to stop the ball. Honduras saved.

Alfonso Davis overflowed in the 11th minute, Kerwin’s mark was removed and when he picked up the cross it was destroyed by the back of Honduras.

Minute 7 Rico Rivas removes the mark from an opponent and takes a shot that goes too wide. The Honduran player tried.

Minute 4 Oops! Larry takes the right hand and the ball goes astray. First announcement from Canada.

Minute 2 Ufff! Brian Moya’s head and ball is controlled by a Canadian goalkeeper. First announcement from Honduras.

The dream has begun! Honduras face Canada at the start of the corner of the Confederations Cup qualifiers.

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Canada-Honduras Everything is ready to start.

Replacing Honduras: Edrik Menzver, Marlon Ligona, Johnny Leverkusen, Phoenix Garcia, Felix Chrisando, Brian Acosta, Carlos Pineta, Jose Garcia, Jonathan Rubio, Eddie Hernandez and Romel Kyoto.

Attention: Soko Lozano did not even appear on the replacement bench.

Surprises in the ranks of H. Kerwin Ariaga, Andy Nazar and Brian Moya in innovations

Honduras 11 starter to face Canada: Pupa Lopez; Andy Nazar, Marcelo Pereira, Manor Figueroa, Diego Rodriguez; Debbie Flores, Kervin Ariaga, Alex Lopez, Edwin Rodriguez, Rico Rivas and Brian Moya.

Canada’s 11 starters to face Honduras: Milan Porgen, Alistair Johnston, Steven Vittoria, Hamel Miller, Richie Laria, Stephen Eustachio, Adiba Hutchinson, Kyle Larin, Dajon Buchanan, Jonathan Davis o Alfonso Davis.

In knockout matches, Honduras won five, Canada four and four. The series in Canada left the locals with three wins, with Honduras winning one and drawing two.

This would be Game 25, measured 24 times in the past by Honduras and Canada, won by Bickler 11, Those in the maple leaf celebrated the poor and were awarded six draws, 13 elimination games, seven friendships and four gold trophies.

Good afternoon Good afternoon. Honduras face Canada today at the start of the hemisphere towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup.