April 22, 2024


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Canada beat Chile in the first match of the Rugby World Cup qualifiers

Canada must realize its dream of qualifying for the Rugby World Cup.

The game at Starlight Stadium looked like a clock in Chile’s hands. But fines were imposed against the Chilean positions.

Ranked Canadian men 21 and Chile 28 now complete the 10,400km journey to Chile, Valparaiso next Saturday. The series loser was eliminated from the World Cup.

“It’s easy for us now,” said Canada coach Kingsley Jones. “We have to go to Chile and win a Test match abroad.”

The Canadians suffered a total loss of 59-50 to the 16th-ranked American Eagles, while the Americans led the playoffs with No. 17 Uruguay, while the winner was France New Zealand, No. 1. 6 France, no. 14 Italy and Africa 1 Group A.

The United States beat Uruguay 19-16 to begin the two-match playoffs on Saturday in Colandale, Colorado.

The winner of the Canada-Chile series will face the losers of the United States and Uruguay, who will decide the United States 2, who will advance to Group 4 with England, No. 8 Argentina, No. 10 Japan and No. 13 Samoa Americas 2 playoffs. Is.

‘I’m playing as hard as I expected’

Jones had warned that Chile would be tough, and it proved to be right. The good news is, Canada can play even better.

“Thanks to them, your safety is assured,” the former Wales captain said of Cillians.

“It was a good effort by Chile, and as expected it was a tough game,” he added. Anyone who thinks differently is really disrespectful. We won a Test match, which is gratifying. Truth be told, I realized we had 14 to 20 points left.

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Canadians leave for Chile on Tuesday. They will go to Vancouver on their way to Houston and then to Santiago. Valparaராசso is located 115 kilometers from the Chilean capital.

Canadians have to spend the first 24 hours in a hotel in Chile until the negative COVID tests return.

Ross Broad scored two tries and Corey Thomas made a single for Canada, trailing 9-5 at the break. Peter Nelson started two changes.

Clement Chavez scored two tries for Chile. Santiago Videla kicked three tickets and a change.

This is a bad game with penalties and handling errors. The Canadians finally deepened two long attacks in the final minutes, and Bowie stopped the lift with a penalty each time before isolating Canada.

The inauguration did not help Canada. The Cilians may have been shown another yellow card in the second half, with repeated offenses or Canada’s Brock Webster taking the high ball.

Sent to Roland Sin-pin

Canadian prop Tyler Roland was sent to sign in the 50th minute for taking the Chilean player out of the air. When Roland’s 10-minute recognition expired, Javier Carrasco followed him up after repeated calls for violations.

Canada advanced and handled the mistakes and controlled the attacks. Early sanctions against Chile helped Canada’s cause and field position.

However, Chile came close to scoring first when winger Franco Velarde started a cross kick to the Canadian goal line.

The Canadian Forwards began to take control, scrum-winning penalty. There was some confusion between the two teams after the whistle, and Irish referee Chris Busby told both captains to talk to their teams and calm down.

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But it was a penalty against Canada at half-time that led to the opening points, with Videla taking the penalty in the 22nd minute to give Chile a 3-0 lead. Vidola doubled the lead in the 32nd minute with another penalty.

Thomas responded with a Canada attempt in the 34th minute as the Canadians attacked their way after Chile’s goal siege. The attempt escaped a video test on the ground. Nelson missed the switch as Chile took a 6-5 lead.

The determined Chile defense followed Canada, and after the first half, Videla added another penalty, asking that Nelson not release the ball after it was finished.

Canada went 12-9 early in the second half, Chile got a penalty and after it was written deep in their own end, Proud Dart finished 44th for a converted attempt. After Chile threw the ball, Proud broke Canada’s counter-attack and tried again in the 48th attempt to take a 19-9 lead.

Canada knocked down a man, and Chile’s Savetra Roland hit a driving center after a penalty.

Busby warned that Chile would be fined in the 57th minute and promised a yellow card if he continued. Moments later, Karasko was sent back to sin.

Chavez was ranked 66th behind a shopping mall after a debt incurred by a Canadian fine. Chile took a 21-19 lead thanks to a change from Vitola.

Jones switched the forward squad for the first game on Saturday.

Hooker Eric Howard, Patlock Kyle Bailey and Roland were on the bench for Andrew Quadrin and Connor Keys. Senior professional Jack Ilnicki was added to the squad at the loss of Matt Dearney.

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Chile made three changes to the front line, losing to Uruguay 15-10 in the final. Lock Clement Chavetra joined twin brother and center Domingo Chavetra in the starting eleven, while sliding Vittorio Lastra and Flanker Martinez entered.

Canada has not stopped qualifying

The Canadians did not stop qualifying for the game, but in the end they had to work hard, with all four teams winning their rematch after losing the series to the United States and Uruguay.

This time, the first phase of Canada will take place on September 4 in St. John’s, NL.

Argentina qualified from the United States for the 2019 World Cup in Japan. Uruguay became the best seed in South America by winning the tournament with three teams, Chile and Brazil.

Chile advanced to the USA 2 playoffs with the strength to finish second in that tournament.

The Canadian and Chilean Canadians have won the U.S. Rugby Championship 56-0 in 2019-06 and 36-15 in 2017-15 in recent years. On the road, Canada won 33-17 in 2018 and 64-13 in 2016.