July 24, 2024


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Canada defeated the United States and approached the 2023 World Cup in France

Canada defeated the United States and approached the 2023 World Cup in France

By qualifying for the 2023 World Cup in France, Canada came back in the second half and beat the United States 34-21 as spectators. Thus, Kanex wins the first match and comes with an advantage in the restructuring, which is coming up on Friday 10th September.

As the match began, the Los Agualas team added the first 7 points after a penalty attempt. Despite the yellow disadvantage for the rust-cheers, the visit quickly built up competition through Thomas. In the first 40 minutes, Canada’s immorality was 14 for them. However, opener Nelson was able to extend the lead to three points through a penalty. After the first half was over, Fanaana-Schultz, the American third tier, reached the incline and after the Maggie shift, the set was 14 to 10 in their favor.

In the second phase, Canada went in search of competition. From there, the Canadian dominance was able to be supported twice more by Lesage and Webster and the differences were extended by Nelson’s penalty, with the local team favoring 34 to 14. Already at the right time, an attempt was judged by US support for the final 34 to 21.

With this decision, South America took advantage of Canada’s rematch and dream of playing in the playoffs against 1 qualifying winner Uruguay.

Conflict between South America 1 (Uruguay) and North America 1 (Canada or USA) will play domestic and international matches on October 2 and 9. And the winner of that key will be classified directly to the World Cup in France 2023 as USA 1. First it will be played in the North and will be defined in the series Montevideo.

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The winner He will play in Group A in France, With host, three-time world champions New Zealand, Italy and Africa 1st team.