June 15, 2024


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Suspicion of a fight between the police and the United States and Canada

Nashville, Tennessee, USA (AB) – Winning home matches to qualify for the World Cup is important. However, with the Americans coming into the match this Sunday, hosting Canada, it is uncertain whether their star attacking Christian Pulisik will be available or whether opening goalkeeper Zack Stephen will step down.

Bhuvneshwar is recovering from a positive test for Covid-19 and missed the first leg of the World Cup qualifier, having been ruled out of the World Cup qualifier with a 0-0 victory over El Salvador.

“We tried to design him. We see what he can tolerate, what kind of workload he can handle, I think that’s the first step,” US coach Greg Berholter explained Saturday.

The 22-year-old Pulitzer became the first American to win a Champions League final last season, with Chelsea winning 2-0 against Arsenal on 22 August and a 1-1 draw with Liverpool on the 28th. He returned to train with the United States on Monday and stayed in Tennessee when the team traveled to Central America.

He was re-evaluated Saturday to determine if he could be on the team on Sports Day.

Berhalter said, “It’s just a matter of seeing how he returns safely.” “We talked to him and asked him about workload and endurance. We’ll see if it’s ready.”

Stephen missed the match against El Salvador due to a back injury and was replaced by New England goalkeeper Matt Turner (27). Berhalder noted that Manchester City substitute Stephen has left.

In Toronto, Canada beat Etna 1-1 against Honduras, Mexico beat Jamaica 2-1 and Panama drew 0-0 with Costa Rica. The top three CONCACAF nations will advance to next year’s World Cup, and the fourth will play the playoffs to find another place.

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Both North American teams are coming off a confident start to the tournament. The United States has won 14 domestic games in a row and is ranked 10th in the world, the best ranking since 2006. Canada is led by Bayern Munich’s Alfonso Davis, Lilin Jonathan David and Peschiktain’s Kyle Lorin. Canadians are ranked 59th in the world, their best position since 2010.

“We need to spin the players,” said Canada coach John Hertmann. “It will be difficult to maintain a high level in three games in seven days, but at the same time there are players who are capable of playing consecutive games.”