April 24, 2024


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Canada: Fuel supply and flood controls restricted | Trans Mountain NNDC | The world

Officers of British Columbia, Western Province They announced restrictions on access to fuel in areas under water on Friday due to severe flooding in recent days and distribution difficulties.

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Heavy rains that hit southwestern British Columbia on Sunday and Monday caused landslides and floods that destroyed roads and infrastructure.

Pipe Trans Mount It was temporarily closed.

“We urge people to limit their fuel consumption and vehicle travel at this time.” State Secretary of Defense Mike Farnworth told a news conference.

Individuals at service stations can no longer purchase more than 30 liters of fuel.

To help maintain the measures taken “Trade traffic and secure supply chains” And those evicted will return home, officials said.

What else, “People should not travel to severely affected areas, we ask for their own safety, but make sure the fuel we have is used for the services people need.”.

Authorities say four people are still missing Friday in the Pemberton area, and paramedics found the body of a woman earlier this week.

The army, which has been mobilizing since Wednesday, is helping to block roads in various parts of the province and build a new barricade in Abbotsford, a city partially submerged and fearful of heavy rains next week.

About 60 players arrived in Abbotsford on Thursday.

“All military bases in the country are vigilant and ready to deploy teams if needed.” Ministry of National Defense spokeswoman Pamela Hogan told AFP.

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“Members of the Canadian Armed Forces Collaborate with Civil Engineers on the Construction of Levy”Added.

In a few months, this part of the Canadian Pacific coast experienced the most severe heat disaster in late June, as a result of global warming, experts say, and repeated natural disasters such as the Great Fire.

Source: AFP

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