July 25, 2024


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Canada regains its crown – AS.com

Canada regains its crown – AS.com

There is no general consensus about the origin of hockey, nor is it on the ground or its order in the snow. There is a very reasonable need to go back to the ball and spade games that were practiced in ancient Greece and Egypt. Identify the foundations in others Throwing Irish, The Shiny Scottish or Bar English, documented from the fourteenth century. The notes in the letters of King Edward III of England, the traces of the pre-Columbian aborigines … are several theories that lead to two undeniable confirmations: Canada, the first organized competition was played on its ice (1875), the driving country Winter mode. The United States, the world’s most important league (NHL), has joined the pace. At these roots, this results. Fifth between the two teams in the Olympic women’s division, Fifth gold for Canada after a thrilling fight until the last breath (3-2). And with revenge: In Pyongyang, the Americans won and reached their second-highest medal. There they stay.

As in the male section, it finds surprise and its corner acceleration, just like in this version. Neither Americans nor Canadians will fight for medalsThe dominance in women’s competitions is gross. “If we fight for the gold medal, it’s a miracle in the snow”Swiss goalkeeper Andrea Brentley promised during the current edition of the Games. A few days later, the facts proved him in a very bitter way. Ryan’s women scored ten goals in the semifinals. Shocking, but terrifyingly predictable. Canadian Olympic finalist or listed. Neither is the United States. The first ever came after Nagano in 1998; The latter are not limited to Turin (2006). Bet as safe as not financially guaranteed. Like them the bank will always succeed.

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Canadian joy and disappointment in the United States.

Burning competition

On the ice Wukesang Sports CenterEmotions at the height of the story. Maple Leaf came out with the best actors of all time, Gives continuity to his burning match, With 47 positive goals, his record, at its end. The difference of two goals at the end of the first half, thirteen seconds from the end, was ignored. Amanda Kessel scored 1-1 in the second twenty minutes Yankee. Too late, but time to pay homage to the classic and its necessary veins. A stick by Alex Carpenter, a few minutes ago, could have done more than change the Canadian silence, but it could not.

Not to this day, less happy during Ryan’s attack, chameleon death. Only 21 of America’s 40 shots. Ann-Renee Despiens 38 stops, Alex Cavallani18. Contrary to what was found in Beijing, but very effective. Mainly by Captain Mary-Philip Pauline, with a dual and important historical piece Stick. Before Hillary Knight, she was the national hero who became an American at most Olympics (22)Became the first player (male or female) to score in four gold finals. The flag bearer in this edition is a three-time Olympic champion and three-time MVP of the Canadian League.At 30, it continues to expand the tradition of having to go a long way, but it can never be repeated.

The final touch of the eleventh chapter of one of the toughest matches in recent game history, sometimes, As far as the rest of the applicants are concerned, the very basics of the discipline have to be reconsidered.. 29 to 20 in live duels in the final in favor of Canada. 88 to 67 in the global calculation of conflicts. Eleven out of nine worlds, the first nine to Canadians, and the last eleven to nine Americans. Sixth Olympic final for Canadians. The look will never be fully clarified, but the crown of women’s ice hockey is hers again.

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Canada – United States statistics.