July 24, 2024


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Canadian teen 15 |  Height Achieving Community |  Magazine

Canadian teen 15 | Height Achieving Community | Magazine

A basketball player from Florida, It is 228 centimeters, Became the tallest young man in the world, So you went inside Guinness World Records By its height.

Olivier Rioux, a 15-year-old Canadian, plays at the IMG Academy Center in Bradenton, Florida. Looks like his way to playing professional basketball One step, it is constantly evolving Release Of the website Dailymail.

“Wherever we go, I can not hide it,” Riox head coach Jeremy Schiller told Fox Sports. He said he was his star player He’s an amazing passer, he can shoot 3s and he’s a good finisher on the edge.

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“My mom is 187cm and my dad is 203cm”, Riox said. He also said he was wearing a 20-inch shoe.

“When I was 10, 11, 12, I started to grow, I grew fast,” he added. Every week, I reached heights. I was taller than all the kids in my school, ”he says.

A video on Instagram about Oliver shows The almost unreasonable benefits of being too tall at a young age And the impact it has had on competing teams.

In the clip, Riox rarely stands to do a dunk on his toes And he does not have to move to overtake opponents when he recovers.

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Doctors never predict Riox’s rapid growth will reach world record. According to him Guinness World Records Riox was born weighing 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) and he grew to 16 pounds (7.26 kg) in his first month.

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Exceeds expectations

In the fifth grade, the Canadian 157 cm. Doctors believed that the Riox would reach a maximum of 196 cm. But it completely exceeded that limit.

During a family vacation in Cuba, a line of guests formed throughout the resort, Everyone is waiting for their turn to take a picture with him.

180 cm with parents. The Rioux family had to remodel their home to meet their needs, That means the ceilings and tables need to be raised to accommodate them well.

The teenager holds the record for the longest haircut in the world at 190 cm

As a child, Olivier read his books Guinness World Records He studied the tallest people and compared himself to previous achievers, Until the time comes for him to become part of the list too. (And)