May 30, 2024


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COVID-9 | After Canada and the United States deregulate the world

Travel restrictions in between Y They began to soften some Canadians and the Prime Minister on Monday because of the epidemicHe noted that plans to reopen the entire border will be announced in the coming weeks.

Canadian citizens and permanent residents with a full list of corona virus vaccines approved for use in Canada can avoid the 14-day isolation that has been in effect since March 2020. Eligible travelers arriving by air in Canada no longer have to spend their first three days in the country inside a government-approved hotel.

Restrictions restricting essential travel between Canada and the United States, including tourism, will remain in effect until at least July 21.

Trudeau noted that reducing restrictions represents a “big step” to reopening the border.

“We are very hopeful that we will see further action announced regarding the reopening in the coming weeks,” he told a news conference in Salt Steel, Ontario. “We’re going to make sure we don’t have a spike Because no one wants to go to this level, after doing so much, and after making so many sacrifices to get to this level. ”

Julia Dunn, who landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport on her way to Halifax from the United States, expressed her delight at the new move.

“It was so free to return home to the family without spending those two weeks alone,” he said.

Ton, who was born in Cape Breton and lives in Houston, said he booked his flight to Canada a few weeks ago after learning of plans to increase compulsory isolation.

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Trudeau said he understands how anxious people are to have the border reopened, but stressed that the epidemic continues and that “things have not yet returned to normal”.

“No one wants to go too fast, and the restrictions need to be re-imposed as the number of cases we see in other parts of the world increases,” he said. “We have to do things right.”