April 24, 2024


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Honduras could start the octagonal final against Canada in the United States

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- With Gold Cup Around the corner, the Honduras national team He continues his preparation for the event, but in the last hour he got the news of the start of the World Cup qualifying rounds.

The path of two colors towards him Qatar World Cup 2022 Arrival will begin on September 2nd Canada, A competitor who has not yet decided where to meet this meeting due to restrictions caused by the Govt-19 epidemic.

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In this context, the Canadian Federation assumes that the game will be played in the United States, due to the same circumstances they developed the first round of qualifying rounds Concoff.

Strong controls

Although many countries around the world have already opened their doors to travelers and tourists from all over the world, Canada is closed.

The Canadian government, which has banned non-essential travel since March 2020 due to the Govt-19 epidemic, has decided to extend these restrictions until July 21.

Similarly, they have established that all passengers present a negative test for Covit-19 and are subjected to mandatory 14-day isolation, which makes it very difficult to carry out different events.

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Affected sporting events

These series of restrictions have greatly affected the Canadian game in all its divisions, forcing different teams in that country to transfer their matches to the United States.

The Canadian football team played in the first round of World Cup qualifiers in Florida and Illinois, where they beat Bermuda 5-1 and Suriname 4-0. Seat Geek.

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Then, in the same city, they beat Haiti 3-0 in the second round, thus securing a ticket to the octagonal final, where they make their debut against Honduras on September 2.

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So far, the leading team Fabian Coyote He is waiting to see where his path to qualifying for his fourth World Cup will start.