September 25, 2023


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Embassy of Canada in Chile: National Film Day

Embassy of Canada in Chile: National Film Day

Movies, night rowdies and drinking birds that raise relevant issues in our community related to migration and reconciliation will be screened.

Wednesday, April 20, marks Canada’s National Film Day, the annual event that brings the best Canadian productions to global audiences for the ninth year in a row. In Chile, the event will be hosted by the Embassy of Canada in association with Centro Arte Alameda.

“This day is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Canadian culture and to bring to the table issues related to migration and reconciliation in our community,” says Michael Court, Ambassador to Chile.

In this context, the presentation of the two films is organized online and face-to-face. The first of them, Night rowdiesWill be displayed on the Canadian online site CINESEND April 20 to 22. In the meantime, the Drinking Birds movie will be screened live on April 20 at 7:00 pm at the Alameda Art Center (Arturo Prat 33) with a free recording. Here.

Night rowdies (2021) Written and directed by Denise Goulets. It is a Canadian-New Zealand joint venture that presents a dystopian future where children from the community are forcibly taken away and placed in state academies and “re-education” camps. Niska, played by Elle-Miza Tailfeathers, is a desperate mother struggling to find her daughter (played by Brooklyn Latexier-Hart). The film is not only about a mother’s love for her daughter, but also a powerful reflection on the painful past of Canadian boarding schools and its tragic effects on Indigenous peoples.

Knight Riders.

Drinking birds The Evan Krobovic drive was released in 2021. It tells the story of Willie (Jorge Antonio Guerrero), a Mexican immigrant who came to Canada with the intention of finding an old lover, Marlina (Yoshira Escorreca). For this purpose, he begins working as a seasonal laborer on the land of a rural family in Quebec. His stay at that place would push him into the midst of family quarrels and personal turmoil. The film is apt to talk about love, frustration and the difficulties faced by immigrants.

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Information: Embassy of Canada in Chile.