February 26, 2024


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Michael Bubble with the teleshow: “I’m a gringo, I’re from Canada, but my kids are from Argentina, this is my country”

Michael Bubble with the teleshow: “I’m a gringo, I’re from Canada, but my kids are from Argentina, this is my country”

Only Michael Puble with Teleshow: His love affair with Argentina and the arrival of his fourth child

“November? Argentina is my home, I lived there, so I’ll always be back. I’ll be back before November because I need roast.” The first thing he said Michael Bubble In conversation with TV When asked about the show he was going to do in Buenos Aires that particular month, he was convinced that family life would bring him before these allowances. Louisiana Lobilado’s husband, a Canadian, told how his wife supports him while he works outside the home and how they look forward to the arrival of their fourth child.

Is eager to resume the tour “An evening with Pablo” left untouched by the epidemic And it will be put on stage at the Movistar arena on November 12, comparing his work to that of a chef. “I don’t know what surprises will be on the show, it will be me too. I know I love everything I do, I love composing music, I’m like a chef, you know? I’m like a cook, he likes to cook his own food, but I like the cook more than he prepares the food.

Louisiana Lobilado is expecting her fourth child

For him, playing live was not just a job, he defined it “A wonderful and romantic opportunity” Show your appreciation to your audience through actions. “I’m glad to join, it’s been a long time, I miss everyone,” said the musician who released his album. More“A love letter to the world,” he defined.

Has been married for over ten years Louisiana Lobilado has three children (Noah, Elias and Vida). And in the fourth way, Argentina promised his home: “Being here is not just another show, this is my country,” I know I’m a gringo, I know I’ve from Canada, but my kids are from Argentina, my family is from Argentina, this is my country, I’m proud, I’m toasting, I’m toasting to the national team, people and my wife is a proud Canadian. So when I do this show, when I do it in Vancouver, Canada, it’s like I’m coming home. “

Louisiana Lobilado and Michael Puble announce the arrival of their fourth child in a video clip

When asked what the first thing he would do after landing on Ezeiza was, he changed the language and responded in the correct Spanish: “I like asato, alfazores are very good but very sweet. I like Sundays because the family comes, they eat barbecue, the relative is invited… very loving”.

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Precisely at this moment, his wife, who created the clip “I will never love you”, is filming a movie in Buenos Aires: “I miss her so much, but I’m so proud. I created the album of my life, my dreams and what is true, sometimes you have to sacrifice You have to be far away, if the magazines do not record, there will be no music ”.

“I support Lou. Louisiana has been making films since I visited Argentina several times. We go to the set with the kids and see how Mom works, so my job is easy: ‘Be a good father, give her some snacks and kill Louisiana’“, He admitted, was a good feeder, but with a warning:” I do not like them to put fruit on it. “

Louisiana Lobilado and Michael Bubble
Louisiana Lobilado and Michael Bubble

Michael also said that he has a “good place and time” in his life, not only with this album, The arrival of their fourth child, they already know its gender, but still do not want to reveal. Louisiana Boss, you ask, I said if they said it, but I can not say anything, I will be quiet, “he joked, lucky and excited.

Louisiana Lobilado with Noah, Elias and Vita
Louisiana Lobilado with Noah, Elias and Vita

It’s okay if it’s male or female. “The important thing is that it’s healthy,” he said, adding that he’s very fond of the role of father: “It’s interesting that you have to do a process like making music. Let’s go for a couple of hours after the suspension, I love innocent guys.I’m making similar posts, hoping people will come out with wings, the world is good, love and hope, so I love cinema, Because it sees things through a child’s eyes. “

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The older brothers were also delighted with the arrival of the new member and softly recalled their reaction Vida, three years old when she heard the news: “It was so sweet, I’m confused. When I told her on Christmas Eve ‘Mom has a baby, you’m going to be big sister’, she started crying and we said to her, ‘Why are you crying?’ He said, ‘Because they did not call me.’. He knew people had to fall in love for a child, and that was enough.

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