July 15, 2024


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Mexico continues with a firm foothold in the octagon, the United States loses and Canada empties

Mexico continues with a firm foothold in the octagon, the United States loses and Canada empties

The Mexican team overcame a declining Honduras, while Panama recovered the loss against Selekta and beat the United States. Canada and Jamaica drew in the cold game

Mexico Continuing to impose conditions on the final octagon of the concoction and the type of examination to be imposed Honduras, What can he do at the Azteca Stadium playground in Mexico City.

The Aztecs did not make any major changes to their order and from the first minute they began to feel superior to the target. Louis Lopez, At 9 a.m. he was unable to score with a head deflected in that area.

Costa Rica strikes another blow to Selekta’s illusion of Qatar 2022 World Cup

At the next interval, with a play built from neutral, Hector Herrera Open a ball to the area Jesus “Decadito” Corona He bounced the ball into the goalkeeper, then Lozano sent it back, but the defense was saved and Americansta appeared on the opposite shot. Sebastian Cordova To define the first goal of the game in the 17th minute, in addition to the 1,600 goals scored by the Mexican team in history.

At 22, Raul Jimenez He hit the ball with his head after a cross from Decady Corona. The Mexicans were very clear on the court, while Honduras appealed for protection to avoid more goals, but in the process Manor Fikurova Acquired a red color when braking hard Raul Jimenez At 50.

After the defeat Hugo Perez: “We lost order, we made the mistake of losing goals”

One more, Mexico increased the offensive and 76 ‘, Rogelio Funs Mori After the ball hit the post again, he hit some haste in the area and put the 2-0 figures at “Colosso de Santa Arsula”.

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Finally, Harving “Chuckie” Lozano He penalized the game at 86 ‘with a good shot from the right inside the inaccessible area to the goalkeeper of the falling bicolor Catracha.

The Panama Rommel Fernandez made a big one and beat the United States. Photo: AFP

Panama 1-0 USA: Americans stumble again in Central America

Rommel Fernandez Stadium witnessed, selected Panama Was able to breathe the air after the defeat against Selekta and at least the defeat United States, In a game where the locals were very active. Panama showed a high level of professionalism to attack and took at least four obvious fears from the North Americans who saw their goalkeeper Matt Turner being demanded at every moment of the game.

Rolando Blackburn A gondola center failed in the first 15 minutes Alberto Quintero Almost with an Olympic goal Freddie Condola and Edgar Joel Parsenaz They had two chances before the goal, but the American goalkeeper was the biggest and avoided his goal drop in the occasional American presentation in Panama.

That goal came in the 54 ‘run Eric Davis Commanded at a tight angle, comb it Hannibal Kodai Touched her Gyazi Zardes Go down. The Canaleros have removed the oil from their ground and are still alive.

Jamaica and Canada did not cross zero in a ruined match at Independence Park in Kingston. Photo: Courtesy Concacaf

Jamaica 0-0 Canada: Maple leaf fell in the Caribbean

The Canadian team hoped to get all three points against Jamaica’s incompetent Sodonora at Kingston’s deserted Independence Park, but the goal was not on their side and they came out with a fantastic scoreless draw.

The game didn’t have much emotion and Canada didn’t show as much performance as past games, it was clear Alfonso Davis, 14 ‘missed a shot inside the box after a cross, and then moved on Khmer Roof Scottish Rangers miss a header from the side ball.

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Junior Flemings The local team was clear, after a new center from the right, he sent the ball vertically to the head, but no one focused on the opposite shot to score the first goal in the 50th minute.

With ten minutes left until the end of the game, Roof demanded again Martin Cribio With a violent shot from outside the area, but the ball did not go down enough to win the North American goal. While Jamaica is still at the bottom of the table, Canada’s individual leader Mexico has stayed out of the field.