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Pitanxo Villa | Spain: Relatives of sailors in a shipwreck in Newfoundland, Canada, request to resume their search | பெருவியர்கள் | The world

Relatives, friends and neighbors of the sailors of the Spanish fishing boat The ship was wrecked off the coast of a Canadian island last Tuesday Demonstrations took place this Sunday demanding the resumption of the search for the twelve missing workers.

36 hours after the shipwreck, Canadian authorities announced that they had completed the search for the sailors due to bad weather. In an area 460 kilometers off the coast, the cold temperatures of the ocean made it almost impossible to survive in that water.

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Relatives of the missing, however, continued to urge people to begin their search as soon as possible, but again today staged a massive protest in the center of the Galician fishing village of Marín. Grubo Norse, its owner Villa de Pidonso.

Maria Jose, the daughter of Francisco de Paso, the chief engineer of the fishing boat and one of the missing, announced during the demonstration that the families of sailors who could do so would go to Madrid next week. By Pedro Sanchez, President of the Spanish Government.

They will meet with Galician Yolanda Diaz, the Spanish Minister of Labor.

“We need an explanation, but not words”, Said Maria Jose, spokeswoman for the families. “It is very difficult to find a body every day for the past,” he stressed.

Pedro Sanchez will travel to Galicia tomorrow to retrieve the bodies of three survivors of the shipwreck, the bodies of five Spaniards and a Ghanaian citizen, while waiting for rescue operations to be resumed. Air Force Airbus 400.

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The bodies of the three victims will be shipped directly from Canada to South America.

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