April 17, 2024


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Russia-Ukraine War: Bars in the US and Canada Ukrainian Vodka from Russian | Vladimir Putin | NATO | The world

Some bars and pubs think they have found a way to punish In order to invade : Remove Russian vodka from their shelves and promote Ukrainian brands.

“I woke up yesterday morning Russia Had invaded Ukraine. You wonder what he can do, ”said Bob Quay, owner of Bobs Bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “The United States, frankly, imposes sanctions. I thought I would.

Therefore, it was removed from its shelves Former Soviet brand Stolichnaya And began promoting the Ukrainian vector.

We put up a sign above that said “Support Ukraine”.He described.

When Quay announced the change via Facebook, “It was all a success. Those who haven’t been to the bar yet have come.”

In fact, Stolichnaya belongs to Russian-born President Yuri Scheffler Latvia.

The Stoly Group, a company that specializes in brewing, says on its website “Europe is for peace and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”

Liquor store Southern spiritsOn Indian soil in South Carolina, after pulling Russian brands off its shelves, Ukrainian Kozak is making a big deal with vodka.

“It’s running much faster than we thought it would,” said General Manager Drew Potrebrock. “It was amazing.”

Resort for Sky Magic MountainIn Londonderry, Vermont, an employee posted a video on Twitter showing Stolichnaya pouring into the sewer: “Sorry, we do not offer Russian products here.”

Governors are not far behind: Ohio Governor Mike Devine has ordered the state Department of Commerce to stop buying and selling Russian vodka, which is sold under the Green Mark and Russian Standard brands in Ohio. For his part, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has signed an executive order requiring liquor stores in the state to remove Russian-made and stamped liquor.

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In Canada, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) announced Friday “All products manufactured in Russia will be removed from LCBO channels”Including its 679 stores across the province.

He also promised to accept the withdrawal of any Russian products, and “He stands with Ukraine, its people and the Ukrainian-Canadian community in Ontario.

On Grand RapidsKwe said he would no longer sell Russian products. And he has taken another step: “I have ordered the Ukrainian flag and will put it up next week.

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