July 24, 2024


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Trophy Fresh is coming to Canada with an ambitious expansion plan

Trophy Fresh is coming to Canada with an ambitious expansion plan

Company TropyFresh Has ambitious expansion plans for this year. One of them has already been completed. New branch opening ceremony takes place today in Canada.

The company will provide a service at the new branch based on the creation of customer-supplier experience and the agility and accuracy of the service provided, which means they become a timely, reliable and consistent partner. Compliance with Quality, Food Safety and Business Plans Agreements with its wholesalers, retailers, retailers and food service operators.

They will have a nationwide logistics delivery service for their fruits and a flexible online distribution system for product types within their portfolio.

In these ways, Mauricio López, President and CEO of Tropy Fresh, commented to Portal Frutícola: “As an international company, our goal is to become the best ambassador and business partner for our customers and their brands. Business model at the moment “

When asked why you chose Canada, Lopez explained, “We chose Canada for a number of important reasons.” It is a growing market based on 15% – 20% consumption in the Fruits and Vegetables segment, a strong trend in the consumption of healthy products in its community, which is an unexplored market of our native Colombia in the Haas segment. Aquaculture Butter, Lima Tahiti and Papaya, is a growing market with rates of 10 – 15%, Lima 5 – 8% and Papaya 10%, the second largest country in the world and a policy at the national level with significant demand and population in its territory, which is certainly a new one. Its consumption growth is driven by the influx of people, in addition, it is a country that creates business transparency by introducing new and innovative products from other different perspectives. Due to its geography it does not produce exotic or tropical fruits (Hass Avocado – Papaya) or Lima Tahiti in relation to fresh fruits.

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“Finally, we believe that the opening of Jalisco to the United States and the sustainable growth of that market in terms of Haas butter consumption may affect the current supply of avocados from Mexico to this market. We hope it will be a great market with and quality. ”Columbia,” he added.

Mauricio López, President and CEO of Tropy Fresh.

Predictions and benefits

Trophy Fresh for Canada marks the beginning of its business venture and its short-term expansion and integration program in North America. The company expects to produce 2.2 M kg of distribution by 2022 and is targeting steady double-digit growth year-on-year.

That way, the President and CEO of Tropy Fresh said: “The expectations we have of setting up Tropy Fresh in Canada are ambitious and a great challenge for the team as a whole, and we want to open up the market for our products. In addition, we offer and introduce a variety of flavors and presentations and varieties of agro-industrial products such as fruit pulp and honey with a high content of dehydrated fruits of mango, pineapple, coconut and banana.

“As a team we recognize the hard work that goes into promoting our Colombian descent in Canada, which builds enough trust with the aim of building greater credibility with our customers, thus allowing us to achieve the business sustainability required for our marketing, short, medium and long term sustainable growth.

Commenting on the benefits of this new headquarters, Lopez said: “Colombia as a country is growing strongly on the products we focus on today in terms of its primary production. Tahiti will be integrated regionally and globally into one of the most important producers of haz avocado fruit in a sustainable development and in the short term. The advantage of our company Tropy Fresh in its current business markets and growing in them, being part of this generation, is the opportunity and joint growth with the Colombian fruit industry.

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For more information, contact Mauricio Lopez, Chairman and CEO at [email protected] or phone: +1 6475300327. Visit our website. www.tropyfreshglobal.com