May 30, 2024


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The Dominican lost to Canada

The Canadian team was more efficient in their execution and helped them win the first game of this second qualifying window. Dominican National Team 85-79.

The competition was similar to Group C of these elimination phases Basketball World Cup 2023. Dominicans, those who dreamed of keeping their own Undefeated At this point, they have gone without that opportunity.

The most orderly game, in order to keep the Dominican team playing very strongly, began to be dominated by the Americans from the first quarter, which was consistent in the competition.

This is not the result of the desire to take home more than 5,000 fans, including David Ortiz and Robinson Canoe and the former national team. Edward GomezWho gave the heat for this Game Palace Virgilio Travieso Soto.

Free throws of 24-44, 54.5 percent were devastating for the Dominican team. Canada took 87.5 percent (16–14).

“We missed 20 free throws. We started attacking this team early on to get to the free throw line, but we missed,” manager Melvin Lopez said.

“We set out to defend this team in this game. They denied us a little more game and they deserve to win,” Lopez said.

Kyle Wildzer with 15 points and Bill Scrub with 14 points led the Canadian attack 3-0, close to keeping six points. Undefeated When they face the Bahamas this Sunday, take the eight points of this phase. The Dominican Republic won 2-1.

VĂ­ctor Liz personally put up a great game with 29 points, but received little help from his teammates; Angel Delcado added 11 and 13 rebounds and Eloy Vargas added 10 and 9.

The Dominican team faces the Bahamas at 6:00 pm on Sunday and wants to get at least one game out of it, but when they lose the 2019 World Cup, they will have to overcome the nightmare of their previous encounter. One point, in this Palacio de los Deportes.

“Don’t make the same mistakes today, play slower (but) more aggressive than we did against Canada,” Liz said.

In the first half, Canada took an 8-0 lead, setting aside time from manager Melvin Lopez.

At 6:30 in the quarterfinals, the Dominican team scored the first two points.

Lopez searched for his bench, bringing in Ricoberto Mendoza, Andres Felix and Sadial Rojas, along with a small but agile and very active Angel Delcado and Victor Liz, who brought the team to the Dominican Republic game. Finished the quarter under two points of 5 and 22-20, rewarding for the attacking rhythm they set, but at the same time the highest defensive intensity in quality.

In the second quarter, Canada lifted their game again against the Dominican defensive effort, thanks to variations from manager Lopez, who found ways to finish the first half 42-36.

The Dominican persuaded, but Canada did not surrender, so they used 14 (54-40).

In the final three minutes of the third quarter, captain Lopez sat down with his two-point defenders Kelvis Solano and Andres Felix and left the ball handled in the hands of Ricoberto Mendoza and Juan Miguel Soro.

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The Dominican Republic fell at least 10 points 64-56, finishing in the third quarter thanks to three triples, the sound of two saddle roses and the sound of Juan Guerrero.

After sitting on the bench for several minutes, Lopez returned to Quintet, playing Solanov 68-61 and 7:19, sitting with Felix, who started the fourth period.

Five minutes into the game, the game was 75-69, with a lead reduced to eight at the start of the quarter, prompting Canada to call the time.

Free throws were a bad move for the Dominican team, with Eloi Vargas missing two free throws in a game under six (75-69), in which he took an offensive retake and turned it into a loose ball for the Dominican. Angel Delcado missed two free kicks at 3:21 and 75-69 with the same luck.

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