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“We need to clean up the good for Japan and Canada”

“We need to clean up the good for Japan and Canada”

Thursday July 22, 2021

In his debut for the Olympics, the ‘Red’ referred to the good match they had made against Great Britain and promised to have the good spirit to face the remaining two matches in search of victory and thus advance to the next round of the tournament.

Although the Chilean team has already skipped the defeat against Great Britain at the Olympics, Maria Jose Urutia, ahead of the ‘Rose’, continues to evaluate what has been done in the tournament, which she hopes will be improved again in the existing duels against Canada and Japan.

“This is our debut and we don’t have a bad game against a team that is ranked sixth in the world. But obviously we have to clean up the good and have a lot to improve. If we want to qualify for the second round, we have to win the remaining games,” he said after training on Thursday, July 22. Code ‘said.

Looking ahead, “We’re very focused, we’m not playing a bad game, we’re good physically. They started to make time from the first goal, I think they had a little bit of respect for us somehow. ”.

Commenting on his performance against Great Britain, he went on to say, “This is still a sacrificial match, but I have always said that the teacher will give me my best where I need it.

Finally, he had words for Carla Guerrero’s emotion while singing the song. “I’m always excited, we all express it in different ways. To be there, to sing the anthem at the Olympics, I think it’s indescribable, it’s a dream. We are living a dream, we give what we can,” he concluded.

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